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Hello, my name is Damian and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I was never much of a crafts and hobbies man. However, a couple of years ago I took early retirement from my job in the oil industry. I was really looking forward having some time to relax but when the day came, I realised that I had nothing to do. My wife suggested that I join a local craft group. The guys who run the group are real experts and they taught me some top tips so I decided to start a blog to pass them on to others who are interested in this topic.


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Not Just For Kids: More Uses for Plush Toys

Plush toys are one of the most common gifts given to children—and with good reason.  Every child loves to receive a new stuffed friend, especially at a young age, and it's never likely to go down poorly.  That's especially true if you can find the child's favourite animal, which is most easily done at a larger toy store or directly from a soft toy wholesaler.  However, they don't just make good gifts for children.  In fact, plush toys can be useful in several other areas too.  Here are just a couple of ideas.


If you're a parent or teacher, using a plush toy as a mascot in order to motivate your child/children can reap very effective results.  The toy can either be imbued with some kind of magical backstory, being moved around the home or classroom when the children aren't looking.  Perhaps the class's teddy bear is particularly impressed with an artwork display the children have produced; perhaps the stuffed toy can be brought down from the top of the cabinet once a child has finished a well-behaved year at school or improved their grades.

Business Gifts

If you run any kind of business or are a decision-maker in someone else's, then plush toys can also be great branded items to give out to potential clients, customers and suppliers.  Giving your business contacts something which their child would be likely to receive is bound to go over well.  It's also much more unique than the usual logo-printed keychain or pen and just as effective at reminding your contacts that you exist.

Identifying Marker

If you're a frequent user of hire cars, you'll know that it can be a real pain to identify your temporary vehicle in a large car park, especially if it's a very plain colour and common model and you're not great with remembering number plates.  Instead, you can pop a small stuffed toy into the back window of the car.  This allows you to identify your car easily without having to try the door handles, which can be embarrassing—especially if it turns out that you're not trying the right car.  It's also fairly innocuous, and a small plush toy can be easily packed into your hand luggage.

Even aside from these uses, plush toys are the easiest gifts in the world to pass on to another home, so they also make great raffle prizes, anonymous workplace gifts and the like.  It's a sweet option that will make many recipients smile, and they're fun to shop for, too!  They're definitely not just for kids.