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Hello, my name is Damian and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I was never much of a crafts and hobbies man. However, a couple of years ago I took early retirement from my job in the oil industry. I was really looking forward having some time to relax but when the day came, I realised that I had nothing to do. My wife suggested that I join a local craft group. The guys who run the group are real experts and they taught me some top tips so I decided to start a blog to pass them on to others who are interested in this topic.


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How to Choose the Perfect Frame for Your Photo, Poster or Artwork

Framing a photo, poster or piece of art really brings it to life when you get the colours and material right. Get it wrong, on the other hand, and it can make your picture look drab or unattractive.

The difficulty in picking a frame lies in the fact that there isn't really one particular style that goes with everything, and with so much variety in art and photographs, it's not easy to decide what's best for your particular needs.

If you have a picture of any kind that you want to frame, follow these tips and you'll be able to pick the perfect way to display it.


With smaller colour photos, a wooden frame with a white mount works really well. If the image is quite dark, match it with a dark wood like walnut. If it's light, use a lighter wood. With that said, you can create a nice contrast by using a dark frame with a light photo and vice versa, especially without a mount.

If you're framing a large photograph, you can get away with more ornate frames, possibly in gold or silver, which really make a strong statement and give a classic, vintage feel to the end result.

Black and white photos look great with a dark wood or black frame and a white mount. This really makes the image pop.

Paintings or art prints

When you're framing a piece of art, the trick is to really make the viewer focus on the image. Galleries often do this by using a fairly wide mount with a subtle frame in simple black or white.

If it's a more contemporary artwork, you can get creative by picking out one of its colours and using a frame that matches. If you're displaying it with other pictures, make sure it won't clash. With more classic work, a bolder antique style frame is appropriate.


Posters are usually either prints of photographs or art, and they can be framed according to the guidelines for either type. However, poster frames often use a plain black or white plastic design regardless of their contents, as posters are normally used in simple, modern rooms. You could use a coloured frame if you want something a bit more lively, or if it's for a child's bedroom.

Bear the location in mind

It's important to decide on where you're going to hang a picture before you choose a frame. Make sure the colours you want will match the walls, and that the overall style will match the room's decor.