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Hello, my name is Damian and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I was never much of a crafts and hobbies man. However, a couple of years ago I took early retirement from my job in the oil industry. I was really looking forward having some time to relax but when the day came, I realised that I had nothing to do. My wife suggested that I join a local craft group. The guys who run the group are real experts and they taught me some top tips so I decided to start a blog to pass them on to others who are interested in this topic.


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Three Attributes to Look for in a Wooden Toys Wholesaler

Wooden toys have become popular. Therefore, if you own a local store and plan to add wooden toys to the list of products on offer, you will not regret the decision. However, you must first find a reliable wooden toys supplier before you embark on anything else. This article highlights the top attributes to look for in a wholesale wooden toys supplier. Read on for insight.

Sustainable Wood Sourcing -- With the world facing an uncertain future regarding global warming, children must learn about environmental preservation as early as possible. Parents, educators and caregivers can easily pass the message to kids using wooden toys. However, it is only possible with wooden toys made from sustainably sourced timber. It would be wrong to sell wooden toys made from illegally sourced wood and expect children to learn about environmental protection. As a retailer, you play an integral role in helping other stakeholders find sustainably sourced wooden toys. Therefore, confirm that all the wooden toys a wholesaler supplies come from sustainably sourced wood.

Variety of Toys -- You can divide toys into various categories, including age, gender, and function. Since clients will buy toys in each category, you should hold sufficient inventory. However, some wholesalers do not sell toys in specific categories; therefore, you might have to work with multiple suppliers, but that's a process that can be tiring. In this regard, look for wholesalers who sell different toys from every category you can think of. Such suppliers allow you to mix and match wooden toys so that clients are spoilt for choice.

Track Record of Safe Toys -- Wooden toy manufacturers must meet specific requirements before putting out playthings in the market. One such requirement is safety since the primary clients are children. Therefore, the wholesaler you deal with must be very keen when sourcing wooden toys since it is the only way to guarantee kids' safety. You can get information regarding the safety of toys from a wholesaler's website or make direct inquiries. You can also talk to fellow retailers and ask them about the safety of wooden toys from specific suppliers. You can then use the information to narrow down the list of prospective wooden toy suppliers. Since kids' safety is a top priority, only engage suppliers with a perfect track record of supplying safe wooden toys. Your business will grow by leaps and bounds since parents have peace of mind with your products.